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Visiting Morocco during Ramadan

Visiting Morocco during Ramadan.

Is visiting Morocco during the fasting month of Ramadan a bad or a good time to travel ?

Will the resaurant,shops and souks be closed?

Will it be offending to people to eat in daytime during Ramadan?

Though Ramadan is a fasting month for Muslims, it does not have to conflict with tourism in Morocco.

Non-muslims are not obliged to stop eating or drinking. But total indifference can send an insulting message,even upset some people.

Remember,these people are human beings and as such abstaining from eating and drinking is difficult for them as it is.

With you Eating and drinking in a noticeable way makes it even harder for them. So if you can afford to be respectful,you can try to be discreet about your daytime eating and drinking by doing it out of their sight.

By observing this and being sensible,you will be helping them.
Also by showing respect, you will get closer to them and they will be appreciative.

Coffee shops, restaurants and food places that usually serve fresh meals during the day will be closed.

In some tourist cities like Agadir,some restaurants can still be open mainly to serve tourists.

Shops and supermarkets are of course open till near dusk to allow staff to go break the fast with their families.

Usually, shops will close at midday for lunch. That is not applicable during Ramadan.

Souks are always open but sellers who usually sell cooked food will not be there. You can still buy canned food, cookies, yogart, coke, bread, eggs, jam. Self catering is also a good idea since Breakfast may not be readily available in some guesthouses/riads.

There is a restriction on the sale of alcohol five days before the start and five days after the end of Ramadan period.

All bars and the alcohol sections in supermarkets are usually closed for that period.The exception is hotels'bars.

In some lager cities, non-muslim foreigners who can show their passports can get it from the supermarket.

Some cities use sirens as a sign of fast start(dawn) and breaking(dusk). Some people have found Ramadan the best time to visit Morocco.

It's an opportunity to see the whole country practising a religious act. You can also take part in an "Iftar"(Fast break) with a special traditionnal meal or just go out to see the city suddenly turning into a ghost town.

How to prepare Harira - Famous Moroccan Ramadan soup:

If you're using chickpeas,you need to be careful regarding the quantity.

A 100 grams is fine but for a big pot,300 grams is the maximum.

How much is 100 grams?

100 grams is equal to approximately 3.75 ounces ( American Standard).

Let's round it to 4 ounces,so:
100 grams = 4 ounces (25 grams=1 ounce)

Now How much is one ounce anyway?

If you have nothing to measure weight in your kitchen and need to know it in cups

1 once = 2 tablespoons (4 ounces or 100 grams = 8 tablespoons)

300 grams(12 ounces) = 24 tablespoons

Hope this helps you in your moroccan cuisine in general and harira/ground chicken in particular if you need to measure in cups. The harira(Moroccan soup)youtube video below will give you an idea of the measurements. Please also remember that a lot of moroccan recipes online have been twisted to suit European and North American taste.This is true to couscous as well.
If you really want original moroccan recipes, you need to search in French since is Morocco is largely a francophone country. Just change the to and that will do the trick for you.

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