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Transportation from Tanger Med to Tanger Ville - How to & Cost

Information on ferry transport between Algeciras (Spain) and Tanger Med port (Morocco).

How to get to Tangiers city from Tanger Med port - Transport options.

All ferries from Algeciras to Tangier now go to the new Tangier Med port (located 55km outside Tangiers).

When starting or ending your trip, there are 2 options to get to Tanger ville (downtown) from Tanger Med or the other way round.


You can use the train service between Tanger Med and the Tanger Ville Train Station. ONCF enables you to buy a Supratours bus service ticket from Tanger Ville to Tanger Med(and vice versa). This is ideal if you are leaving morocco and coming from Rabat/Casablanca or Fes/Marrakech. Other buses also go from Tanger Ville to Tanger Med. And you can purchase your ticket from either.


Use the free shuttle service that will drop you off 2 kms from the rail station (also known as Gare Ksar Sghir station). The shuttle runs hourly (sometimes every half-an-hour depending on volume).If you are coming from Algeciras, you may be asked to show your ferry ticket to get access to the free bus pickup. A passport or some id may be required to use it on the way back. It does not matter what ferry company you used.

You need to fill an immigration card and get your passport stamped on the ferry. Look for a small open office on board to do that.When you get off the ferry, a free transfer bus will take you from the quay to the customs hall(the main port building) where an official will re-check that you have the stamp on your passport. Your luggage will be x-rayed before you walk out into main arrival & departure area. Then you only need to show your ferry ticket to catch the CTM shuttle bus to Tangiers city.

Make sure to get some cash whilst there from the ATM to the left of the ferry terminal entrance. Best option for currency exchange is the Cambio in the ferry terminal. If that is shut (saturdays), Western Union or a local bank downtown is your second option.

Once outside, the bus waiting area is a turn to the right.This is where you take the shuttle into Tangier city(an hour's drive away). If you prefer not to wait for the shuttle, you can take a taxi instead (around 20 EUROS).

The free shuttle will drop you on a roundabout downtown Tangier near a bus stop called Place Jamiaa Al Arabia (2km from the Tangier Ville train station). This is the CTM bus office, just outside the old port gate. If you're heading to catch the train, you can either walk those 2kms or take a yellow-striped blue taxi(petite taxi). Creamy colored taxi(Grand taxi) is a little bit more expensive.

Place Jamiaa Al Arabia(the roundabout bus stop) is the same point you need to reach in order to take the shuttle back to Tanger-Med. It is located just after the two petrol stations around the roundabout.The bus is also used by other local green buses. Your shuttle bus is airport-style with blue and grey writing on the front door. It is not necessary to show a ferry ticket, since many travellers prefer to purchase their ferry ticket on the ferry terminal but you can buy your ticket to Algeciras on that same spot from the CTM bus office.

If you are planning to spend some time in tangiers (see best places to see in tangier), The Ibis hotel near the train station is a good option if you are planning to move forward to Fes/Marrakech. It is usually full unless you book in advance.

Hotel Ibis, Tangiers Morocco.
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